Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does health insurance cover the cost ? +

    We suggest you contact your insurance provider to verify on your policy's coverage. In most cases insurance pays 80% of allowable charges minus the deductible and co-pays.We also participate in Employee Assistance Programs. We also accept Medical Assistance. We are a primary provider for BC/BS/Blue Plus of Minnesota.
  • How long will counseling take to help with my problem ? +

    Short-term treatment of ten sessions or less is often sufficient for our clients. Although some problems may take longer to resolve, your therapist will make every effort to facilitate your treatment. Sessions are generally 50 minutes to 1 hour long and are usually scheduled weekly.
  • Why come to us ? +

    Problems are a part of living. It is only natural to try to solve one's own problems, perhaps with the help of friends of family. However, when a person is involved in a problem it is difficult to be objective. Today most people realize that seeking professional help is not an admission of failure but a sensible recognition that their situation requires professional help.The initial appointment is generally arranged for the purpose of evaluating the particular problem or situation. If the problem involves a couple or a family, all parties are encouraged to attend the first session but may be seen separately on succeeding visits. The evaluation may include psychological testing as an aid in developing a treatment plan.
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